September brings Mabon blessings upon us. This Fall equinox means the lengthening of night, a procession into stillness, and a time to rest and respect all that Mother Gaia has brought to us. As the elements of light and dark being to balance in our external world, so does the aspect of equality begin to come forward on a subtler level. How are you balancing work and play? Are you taking time for stillness, or are you caught in an ever-turning vortex of activity?

Traditionally a time of celebrating Celtic harvest queens and feasts of Avalon, Mabon is a time for gratitude and fruition. The sunlight is beginning to mellow. The wild flowers are pressing out for one last, glorious hello. The harvests are ready to be prepared, and all the world settles into the energetic cocoon of early fall and into the winter.

In Dorothy Morrison’s The Craft, she describes Mabon as “a time to reflect on the joys of community, personal freedom, and the wonders of the human species as a whole, and a time to count many blessings and give thanks to everyone who’s made them happen.”

For our Mabon playlist, we chose a mix of relaxing tracks to suit whatever magickal work you might be doing. The duality of light and dark plays out in two very different tracks from Irish songwriter Hozier. We travel through some lush, moody, folk-inspired tunes and around a revamp of a witchy classic before settling in to an ambient ending.

Happy listening and magick making, my loves.