Welcome to the first edition of Yoga that Feeds!

Every Friday at 10 am CST, we’ll join together for a live-streamed yoga class, then the replay will be posted here on the site. Through Yoga that Feeds I’m collecting donations to benefit the New Orleans Second Harvest Food Bank.  If you enjoy this class, and want to support nourished minds and bodies, please consider donating what you can!

In this class we’re focused on nourishing the heart. Deep shoulder & chest opening postures help us relieve tension and compression in the upper spine. Energetically, we channel strength, vulnerability and compassion for ourselves and others.

Vinyasa yoga in a dynamic blend of movement and breath. Expect to get your blood flowing & body moving. We’ll start by centering through our breath, doing a few short standing sequences, then settling in to a restorative and nourishing close.

If you’re new to yoga, remember that the most important thing is to stay focused on your breath. Don’t worry if you don’t get all the poses correctly or if you need to take a break. Be patient with yourself, do what you can and remember to relax.

Class Length: 60 minutes.


Class Style: Vinyasa yoga


Props Needed: none


Journaling Questions: In this moment – right now – how do I feel? What do I need from myself so that I can feel more nourished?