Journaling for Productivity: Three Practices You Should Start Today

Sierra Vandervort // October 1, 2020

A few weeks ago, I gave a talk about journaling for productivity.

Journaling is more than just the simplest, cheapest – free! – form of self-care, I’ve also found it to be the most powerful.

Sure sound baths & aromatherapy workshops are nice, but there’s something so amazingly therapeutic about being able to empty all your thoughts and emotions on to paper.

One amazing benefit I’ve seen from my journaling practice is an increased level of focus & productivity.

In my talk – I highlighted my three favorite practices for journaling towards productivity. And I’m sharing them here for you!


1. Morning Pages

I feel like I’ve been singing the praises of morning pages for the last month or so. I started this practice after hearing about it from one of my business inspirations Rachel Bell.

Basically morning pages is a practice you do right when you wake up. You commit to writing three pages of total brain dump.

You’re not actively trying to manifest or your intetions or anything like that. There really shouldn’t be any thought to this. You’re just emptying the barrage of thoughts on to paper.

This can be especially helpful if you’re someone who wakes up with your mind racing with to-do lists and tasks for the day. This is a great way to clear your head – and give yourself space first thing in the morning.


2. Journal out your intentions every day

By now, in the wellness space, we’ve probably heard about journaling out your intentions. But are you doing it every day? This is something I do after I meditate – and anfter my morning pages.

This helps you go in to your day with intention and alognment. You’re setting yourself up for success by reminding yourself of who you want to be today.

You are an active co-creator of your life – and this is you taking back that power!


3. Monthly check ins

This is your monthly reflection over your intentions – what you’d like to accomplish and how your priorities might have shifted over the past month. PS – it’s ok for you to have changed your mind and shifted your priorities! 

Personally, I love doing this with the new moon phase, but do it at a time that feels right for you! The end of the calendar month would also be a good time.

Check in with yourself and ask:

– How am I coming along with my goals? 

– Do I still want the same things? 

– What successes have come from this month?


What other journaling practices help you stay focused and clear-headed? Leave me a comment below!

Journaling for Productivity

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