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Sierra Vandervort // August 26th, 2021

Women in leadership are here to change the world.

At The Local Mystic, we prioritize the celebration & support of women. We KNOW that we’re stronger together and that we’re here to learn and grow together. Our Women in Leadership series is a collection of interviews with women who are leaders in their field. These are women who share their divine truth through creativity, leadership & perseverance. Today, I’m sharing my interview with Paige Beveridge and Kenzie Burns. These best friends turned business partners are the creators of 365 days, 365 women, a blog focused on sharing the stories of everyday women.


I met Paige & Kenzie when they reached out to interview me for their project. I loved the premise of their blog so much, that I wanted to talk to them more about it.

Their friendship is international. Paige currently lives in New Zealand where she works in communications. Kenzie is a dual-citizen of the United States and Canada, but she currently lives in New York City where she works in advertising. 

The two met during their first week of university, and instantly fell in love. Their collaborations of the years have taken many forms, with their most recent project being 365 days, 365 women. It’s a project that keeps them creative and keeps them connected.

And I’m honored to have talked to them about the project, what it means to be a woman, and how they stay connected from across the world. 

Women in Leadership

Paige Beveridge & Kenzie Burns

Creators of 365 Days 365 Women

women in leadership 365 day

So how did you guys come up with the concept for 365 Days, 365 Women?

P & K: We wanted to create a safe space to amplify and share the voices of women everywhere – a space to take up space, to find power in our experiences, and to empower one another. We wanted to show women that everyone has a story worth sharing, no matter how big or small.

We wanted to challenge what society teaches us!

Women are powerful, magical, and incredible – 365 days, 365 women celebrates that. 

Also, 2020 was a depressing year. We wanted to do something positive and uplifting that people would look forward to reading and participating in.

What are you hoping this project does for women?

P & K: We’ve asked questions that encourage women to reflect on their own journeys and see the power in their experiences while engaging them in a little self-love!

We ultimately hope this project helps women to see how remarkable and valuable they are. We hope it encourages them to take up more space, to be loud, and to know that their stories – no matter what they are – are worth sharing. 

We also want to challenge what it means to be a woman and show that womanhood isn’t a one-dimensional experience or definition.

You guys are business partners & best friends that live on opposite sides of the globe. How do you stay connected & keep your friendship strong?

P: I no longer see Kenz as just a friend, she feels like home to me! That makes it a bit easier to be apart, because when we reunite we pick up right where we left off.

But with that being said, living on the other side of the globe isn’t ideal. We spent four years living across the hall from each other, now we struggle to align our schedules and time zones to have a FaceTime.

We have always stayed connected through our own

Oko Living

stories, and thank goodness for technology! This project has also been amazing for keeping us connected. There hasn’t been a day that has gone by this year when we haven’t heard from each other.

I am also moving back to Canada at the end of this year – so soon it will just be a border between us – rather than oceans.

K: Having such depth to our friendship definitely has provided a solid foundation for it. I think once you establish a connection like that, it makes it so easy for the friendship to withstand the elements of life (ie. different time zones, busy schedules, seeing each other only once every year or so). Sometimes we’ll send a few ugly Snapchat selfies to let the other know we’re thinking of them. 

I think this project has helped us to continually push ourselves to meet deadlines and to live outside our comfort zones, so it’s nice to have someone by your side pushing you to work harder. Teamwork makes the dream work!!

Whenever something dumb, exciting, sad or hilarious happens – I always shoot Paige 75 separate texts (that could have probably just been one) and look forward to hearing from her when she wakes up on her side of the globe. I think our most texted phrase to the other is “sorry for the spam!!!”

You guys asked me this question in my interview with you and I loved it. What does being a woman mean to YOU two?

P: Bravery.

We are part of a diverse and determined community, living and working in systems that were designed to oppress us. But nevertheless, we persevere – we are powerful and resilient. Our project has shown us how incredibly strong women are, in so many different ways.

I also have to take this opportunity to shout out to my mum Judy. She is a woman I strive to be like. I talk about my mum more than I should because I just adore her. She is so compassionate, selfless, and strong. She honestly changes the lives of everyone she meets, and without even realizing it. She is everyone’s rock. As is my sister Molly, another role model of mine. My dear sister has been through a lot but remains incredibly loyal, empathetic, caring, and brave. I wish they could see just how beautiful (inside and out) they both are!

I’ve always been proud to be a woman, because of the women that surround me, and the women I look up to. 

I also think that being a woman means being whoever the heck you want to be – living how you want and loving who you want.

K: Community, empathy, and versatility. 

I think now more than ever, women are utilizing their voices to enact change. Because of empathy, we have community, and because of community, we are granted the tools to be versatile.

As our project has unfolded, it has become evident that there is no one definition of womanhood or a singular experience of it. But it has been great to connect the dots between stories and to also see new dots created in under-explored territories.

I think womanhood is fluid and limitless. I am not the woman I was yesterday and I can’t wait to see the woman that I become tomorrow.

What three ritual / self-care products are you currently loving?

P: Honestly, our project has been a self-care tool! We both really look forward to drafting up stories and connecting with new women.

I can’t really think of any tangible items, other than maybe wine (ha!), but exercise, meditation, and yoga are what I turn to check-in. When I’m overwhelmed I’m lucky to have a beautiful backyard to escape in and connect with my thoughts. 

K: The pandemic has been a funny time because I’ve discovered (or re-discovered) activities that I probably would have never picked up otherwise. 

  1. As Paige said, the 365 website has been an amazing outlet. I really look forward to hearing and drafting each woman’s story to share with our engaging community.
  2. I love sports and was convinced to buy roller-blades last spring — ripping those bad boys around has been fun!
  3. I’m a massive movie fan and I own a scratch-off “Top 100 Movies” poster; it’s like a giant lottery ticket tacked on the wall. The pandemic downtime has allowed me to watch movies I would have never taken the time to watch. The list is pretty extensive, with a variety of different genres from different decades. It’s been fun to check off the list and expand my list of favorite films!

They’re pretty standard activities but they’ve brought me a lot of happiness during the course of this crazy time!


How can The Local Mystic community be of service to you today?

P & K: Hi Local Mystic community! 

Keep empowering and fighting for all those who identify as women. Let’s continue to work towards intersectional and progressive feminism, and smash that silly patriarchy.

Connect with Paige & Kenzie through their website 365days365women.com or on Instagram @365days365women

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