A Discussion on Empowered Traveling

with Brytta of Xanadu Yoga 

Are you inspired by the full-time traveling lifestyle? Would you like to know more about how to travel safely & sustainably? Then you’ll love taking part in this conversation with Brytta and Sierra!

Brytta is an international, traveling yoga teacher. Sierra is a nomadic writer & community leader. Together, their crafts have taken them to over 25 countries. Join in their conversation on empowered traveling as a woman & making travel a full-time piece of your life!


Connect with Brytta

Brytta Byers

World Traveling Yoga Teacher

Hey there traveling yogi! My name is Brytta.

I am a world traveling yoga instructor and I coach yoga teachers how to travel the world + teach yoga!

My mission is to impact the world by teaching my students that the world and their dreams are an endless potential full of manifestations, community creation, union, and light. And with the light that I help them create within themselves is how WE as a community will impact the world together!

My purpose (and dream) is to light up the world through breathing, teaching yoga, holding space, educating, and taking responsible action for communities in need.

That is precisely and absolutely why I chose to become a world-traveling yoga instructor who impacts the world on and off my yoga mat!