I practice yoga and meditation to inspire compassion and receptiveness in the rest of my life. Through my practice, I’ve noticed exponential growth in myself as a spiritual and physical being. I’m more present, joyful, patient and compassionate. I feel less stress, tension, anxiety , fear and uncertainty.
I teach yoga to share and invoke feelings of peace and growth. Through devotional, continuous practices to the Self and the Source, I believe we can take healing into our own hands. We are spiritually sovereign, divine creatures. Let’s share that together! 


I am a recent graduate from the Balance Yoga + Wellness teacher training program in New Orleans. After studying and exploring spirituality for years, I began to fall in love with the ancient practice of yoga and self-healing.

I began my practice in grade school, thanks to my mom’s old Yoga Journal VHS tapes. My best friend and I would laugh and flop over the floor in attempted shoulder stands. During my college studies in Indiana, I began adamantly studying meditation, spirituality and asana. I realized how transformative and unifying yoga study can be and how much I wanted to share that with others.

After college, I made the decision to leave everything and relocate to the Big Easy. I knew I wanted to study yoga and write about music – and that’s all I needed. I came down to the swamps with a wonderful support group, survived a flood, robberies, terrible service jobs on Bourbon Street, and began my studies as a yoga teacher.

New Orleans also provided a wonderful opportunity to explore and expand my interests. I began studying herbalism and witchcraft, and expanded what the ideas of healing and religion meant to me.

Now I’m a practicing teacher and student of yoga, a young herbal entrepreneur and spirit seeker. I’m honored and thrilled to share my passion and the principles of this practice with my beautiful, New Orleans community.

I want my students and everyone I interact with to know that they are whole, independent and loved. You have the power and the ability to heal yourself. Let’s explore and empower this human journey together!

Off the mat, I am a freelance music journalist, author, and dedicated dog mom.