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Finding Time Freedom

with Olivia Heine

Today we’re learning from the lovely Olivia Heine – Declutter & Intentional Life Coach.

This workshop dives into how you are working, in order to identify what needs to be decluttered so you can show up more intentionally in your business and in turn create more balance in your life. Olivia guides you through her Aligned Productivity Method and Intentionality Framework to shift you away from overworking, overwhelm, and stress, and towards working in the flow, with ease, clarity, and success.

A major societal belief is focused around needing to work harder in order to achieve more. We will be deconstructing and decluttering this belief and implementing new mindsets and structures that will shift the way you are showing up to work and increase your productivity, so you can actually start achieving more by doing less!

Olivia Heine

Declutter & Intentional Life Coach

Olivia is a Declutter and Intentional Life Coach, helping ambitious women and soulpreneurs ditch busyness and create time freedom so they achieve more by doing less. Having healed herself from past trauma using her decluttering approach, she now combines that with her Intentionality framework and Aligned Productivity method to help her clients clear what is not serving them within their business in order to create their chillpreneur lives.

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