Astrology Basics : Sect Light & Annual Profections

with Joli Knott

Here are two techniques to look at your chart in potentially a new way!

The concept of sect describes whether we should look at the chart as a Day Chart or a Night Chart. This helps us understand which planets are the most helpful to us, and which planet might be troublesome.

Annual profections view the natal chart through the age you turn on your birthday and highlights a particular house topic, sign, and planetary ruler, with the latter giving you a very sexy ‘time lord’ for the year (so the planet you should most focus on for that year).

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Joli Knott

Astrologer and Holistic Therapist

I love exploring the natal chart and using it as a springboard for understanding our energetic selves. Energy equals information, and when we can understand the information both inside and around us, we can make better choices and smarter decisions. 

Helping people identify just how unique they are and exploring actionable steps to support such insight is a passion of mine because doing that work has helped me over the last 20 years. It continues to support my onward journey through life.

Tuning in to your unique frequency can help you feel like you are in control. When you find your frequency, you can master your life.