Aug 2020 Playlist : August Morning

Sierra Vandervort // August 28, 2020

I maaaay have been influenced by major folklore vibes this month

If you were unaware of the suprise T-Swift album that came this past July – firstly – I congratulate you on your total hermit status.

Let us know what existence outside of social media & constant technology is like. Buut I’ll take a shot in the dark & guess that you are aware of Swift’s “indie album.”

It’s become a bit of a borderline obsession over the past month – and is my current go-to early morning record.

Those lazy, first break of dawn waves were the inspiration for this month’s playlist. If you’re not a fan of Tay Tay, I’m trying not to take it personally,  but I’ve also spared you. There’s only one track from folklore on here –  the rest is strictly early morning vibes.

Ease in to your morning – and set the tone for a peaceful day.


featured photo via @JadeandtheGypsea

with love


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