Beginners Witchcraft for Well-Being: History & Rituals

Sierra Vandervort & Kristin Dugas

How can we use witchcraft in our wellness practice?

In this guest expert interview, we’ll cover witchcraft for beginners, and how modern mystical practices can help you reduce anxiety & feel empowered.

Sierra is joined by her dear friend Kristin, a world-traveling Catholic witch and one of the founders of Crescent Craft NOLA.

They’ll discuss the witchy practices they use every day, how they got started, and practical magic that you can implement into your every day life.

 Meet Kristin Dugas

    Kristin is an Catholic Strega, writer and witchy woman living in New Orleans.

    Along with Sierra, she’s one of the founders of Crescent Craft NOLA, a New Orleans based magical group and event space.

    You can connect with Kristin on Instagram at

    Witchcraft for Well-Being

    Sierra Vandervort

    Yoga + Wellness Teacher

    I teach connection. Connection to the body, to nature and to that universal love that holds us all together!

    In my yoga teaching, we connect the body and the breath as a form of emotional and spiritual self-care. Through this connection, we embody compassion, joy and strength for ourselves & others.

    In my astrology and seasonal connection teachings, we tune in to the energies of nature to inspire harmony & optimal growth in our daily lives!