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We’ve made it, witches of the north! The bright morning of our Beltane sabbat has blossomed after the dawn of our equinox. Hopefully you’re feeling increased vitality and a warmer climate wherever you are.

Danu Forest, author of The Magical Year, describes our rising Beltane energy perfectly:

“During Beltane we can use the fresh energy of the earth’s life force to energize and inspire us, to discover where our passions lie and what makes us feel truly alive at this time.”

Since then it has been turned in to modern festivities like May Day. This cross quarter holiday is a special fire festival. Literally meaning “the goodly fire,” Beltane is a celebration of Bel, on old Celtic god of the sun. While Pagan at heart, traditional May Day festivities are still celebrated around Britain and Europe. It symbolizes the energies within the Earth opening with fertility. The last of the cold has finally fallen away, gardens are blossoming, the birds have returned and life is infused with creative energy. We celebrate the “fire in the sky” as we welcome in the energies of summer and expand the energy of our hearts.

Our Beltane playlist for this month captures the blossoming glee of summer. Indie masters Tame Impala and DIIV create “windows rolled down, driving along the beach” energy. While Odesza, Rüfüs Du Sol, and Duke Dumont get your blood pumping with specialty electronic beats. Close it down with the infectious Beach Boys, because, duh.

Blessed Beltane and peace to all!
Happy listening and merry magick making my loves.