Get ready for Leo season with this fiery playlist

This piece originally appears in the August issue of Witch Way Magazine.

Oh, how fun and how lucky we are to create a special Leo themed playlist! It’s your time of the season, fire darlings, and we know you’ve been waiting all year for it. Your dramatic, creative energy made this month’s music extra lively. So, we hope you’re ready for a party.

Leos are ruled by the all-powerful energy of the sun, which equates to a massive stereotype that they tend to perceive themselves as the center of the universe. Seems like a big call at first, and they’re definitely not all massive, center-stage drama queens.

Leo’s have an inherent personal magnetism. There’s a warmth and enthusiasm about them that makes them irresistible to most of the rest of the zodiac. It’s like moths drawn to their fearless flame. They are a spirit that’s inherently drawn to romance and playfulness, Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse anyone? They get a bad rep for being the arrogant, drama-queens of the zodiac, but their ambition and strength is why we love to keep them around.

Tap into the flamboyantly fierce energy of this Leo themed playlist. Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga and Charlie XCX pump up the party, while our patron saint of Leo energy Mick Jagger carries us through. And we totally ran with the Leo “lion’s mane“ hair jokes. But hey, Leo energy calls for a little playfulness!

Happy listening and merry magick making my loves!

Leo Season Playlist

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Cancer * Taurus

Cozy up with a Cancer Energy Playlist

Our sweet and moody Cancers, welcome to your season young loves! We welcome summer with our solstice in the northern hemisphere just as we ring in this cardinal signs’ birthday season. Please accept this playlist as a humble birthday gift from your Local Mystic.

What else could we have for our water sign besides tons of moody, “get cozy at home” tunes? As natural rulers of the fourth house of “roots,” Cancers love to be a bit of a homebody. While strong-willed and potential extroverts at the party, their true sense of belonging comes from deep within themselves. Their hard, outer shells keep them tenacious and fierce, but also act as a safe space. They can be quick to retreat if it suits their mood, and it can sometimes be tough to pry them out of their preferred hiding spot.

While it’s true they’re natural nurturers and will always be one of the most loyal and empathetic friends you can find, it’s important for these water beings to get their alone time to reset and recharge. They’re resistant and strong, but can also be endearingly sensitive. They’re you’re favorite, badass BFF who you know is a total softie at heart.

With the moon as their ruler, Cancers are patrons of strong maternal energy. It’s a strong, universal energy that we wanted our playlist to embody. Between Kali Uchis, Lana Del Rey, Tash Sultana, Sharon Van Etten and Hannah Reid of London Grammar, there’s a lot of lunar energy to rock with (or slowly roll, rather).

Merry solstice and happy cancer season to all my lovely water witches.
Happy listening, and merry magick making.