can I tell you a secret?

You have the ability to shape & create your future

You just have to be intentional about it.

Do you want to feel confident, inspired & aligned in your life & within your goals?

If so, I have something very special for ya. ✨

Let’s get some clarity

Let me guess…
Your to-do list is a mile long. You work so hard to take care of those around you, so you bump yourself down to the bottom of the list. You try to squeeze in a yoga class here – or a quick meditation there – but girl, it’s hard!
⁣There’s always something else that needs done. Routines fall through. And time to dedicate towards creating your dreams? Forget about it. 

Can I tell you something? YOU DESERVE TO FEEL GOOD. And you have the ability to change your reality.

Our 5 day Clarify Your Calling challenge will teach you how to use meditation practices as a way to give yourself space, find a goal & start working towards it!

Are you ready to create the life of your wildest dreams?

You ABSOLUTELY have the power to do it! You’re probably just too exhausted and bogged down by day-to-day life to see it! But we can fix that 😊

I’m here to help you…


avoid burnout & overwhelm


create confidence


find motivation & energy


bring you back to yourself

From aimless dreamer to aligned do-er


This 5 day challenge will help you find inspiration, alignment & energy. I’ll teach you how to use meditation as a way to awaken your ultimate potential for a joyful, abundant way of living.

We’ll work through mental blockages, reframe your mindset & learn tangible tips to help you feel that much closer to achieving your dreams.

Here’s what we’ll be working through:


DAY 1: Find your why

This is the pertinent first step when it comes to creating any sort of goals or plans for yourself! 


DAY 2: Gratitude Practice

Not only a powerful stress management tool, practicing gratitude helps put us in a mindset for abundance. 


DAY 3: releasing BLOCKAGES

We’re letting go of the perceptions & ideas that keep us stuck and inhibit us.



We align ourselves with the energies of attraction – and start to draw more in of what we want!


DAY 5: Finding Guidance

Learning to trust your inner experiences & your intuitive feelings as reliable guides to action

But don’t just take my word for it…


“Sierra has a beautiful gift of curating content that is good for the body, mind, and soul. Very uplifting online space built around a loving and supportive community.

Sarah L.

“Clarify Your Calling served as a reset for my daily routine. I loved how accessible the meditations were,. Sierra has helped me refocus my goals and align with my truest self. Thank you, Sierra!”

Morgan M.

“This challenge helped me really hone in on my intention for that day. I felt relieved of any personal burden that was holding me back from tuning in with my heart and greater purpose. Sierra is a wonderful guide. Once the challenge was over I was needing more.”

Chloe R.

Hey there

I’m Sierra!

I’m a yoga teaching, moon loving community builder & dog mama from New Orleans. 

I used to struggle with finding clarity with my goals all the time. I was overwhelmed & aimless. I had lots of passion and big ideas – but I didn’t know how to put them in to action. I didn’t have a sense of direction, and I was just throwing spaghetti at the wall – hoping something would stick.  

On top of that – I was exhausted, disheartened & suddenly didn’t even want to do the things I thought I loved most! Bummer 😞

I know a lot of you who are trying to build your own heart-centered, inspiring life are feeling the same way. And I’d like to think of myself as your soul-centered big sis. The one who actually lets you borrow her clothes & teaches you what she’s learned 😉

So, what’s in a challenge?


Guided Meditations

Need someone to hold your hand & tell you what to do? I gotchu girl. You’ll get 5 focused recordings that are downloadable, and available to use over & over.


Accountability Trackers

Having trouble finding the motivation? Print the monthly & weekly meditation trackers to help you stay focused & stay motivated.


Journaling Workbook

Take your practices even deeper with focused journal prompts that are specifically tailored to encourage breakthroughs and inspirations. 


Daily Activations

I’m not a hit it and quit it kinda girl. Every day you’ll have a specific activation task to help you carry your work in to the rest of your day.

All for less than your regular Earthbound impulse purchase

Don’t waste another minute feeling overwhelmed & unclear

You have the ability to choose joy, vibrancy, inspiration & creation on a daily basis.

Let’s unlock that together.