Happy December Full Moon to all my fellow lunatics!

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the holiday season we have this magical energy of rejuvenation happening. We’re slipping further in to darkness until the solstice comes on the 21st. It’s the perfect time to soften inwards and reflect on your year.


What are some of your successes from this past year? 

What lessons have you learned?

Is there any extra support can you utilize coming in to a brand new decade?


Give yourself the space to seek out a bit of quite reconnection. When we give ourselves time to sit with our emotions, we become rooted in the present. This then allows us to enter in to a new year and new goals with renewed energy and enthusiasm!

Forward folds are a wonderful physical practice for resting and nourishing the nervous system. This short, all-levels yoga practice will help you access and honor a space of stillness in your mind and spirit.


Settle in to a nourishing & reflective yoga practice to honor the December Oak Moon.


This is available for all level practitioners & yoga newbies! No props required. Get ready to get cozy.


December Full Moon Yoga


This is just the first of the beginning of my offerings that are coming with the Local Mystic Moon School. I’m launching the online community with the new year, but you can begin to read up on it – and maybe join the coven 😉on the info page here.

I wish you all a magical and peaceful rest of your holiday season.

With blessings,