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Energy Medicine Masterclass with Roots of Radiance Reiki

¬†Join Reiki facilitator & group leader Kristen Donat for her energy medicine masterclass, recorded on the Lion’s Gate in 2021

Lifeforce energy flows through all of life, and when we reattune to the energy flowing through and around our bodies we can reclaim our intuitive and body wisdom that is waiting to be heard.

Together we will get grounded in our bodies and reattune to the energy flowing through us, learn tools to get grounded, and experience the healing power of Holy Fire Reiki.

Kristen Donat

Intuitive Healer, Teacher & Guide

Kristen is a highly sensitive change maker here to help others overcome imposter syndrome so we can tune into our inner knowing, radiate our truth and share our magic with the world.

Kristen is an empathic healer, a self reliance life coach, a radical reiki teacher, a group educator and space holder.

Kristen works primarily online and offers embodiment tips and grounding meditations, one one one and group coaching, communal self care spaces and reiki training and sessions.


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