Enhance your creativity with these mindfulness practices

The Local Mystic community // October 28, 2020

Here are The Local Mystic, we prioritize community. We band together to celebrate each other & lift each other up. 

Every week over on my Instagram page, we do what I call Community Takeovers. This is a time when I pass the mic to one of my high-vibe gal pals and give you a chance to connect, grow and learn.

Today – I’m so excited for you to meet Jess!

She’s based out of West Virginia, where she teaches yoga, meditation & mindfulness practices to blossoming entrepreneurs.

Here’s what Jess says about her journey to embodiment:

“At the beginning of my journey, I was overstressed, undernourished (mind, body and soul), and not living in alignment with my purpose.

It took me years of personal exploration and trial and error before I made the connection between my health, stress levels, the relationship with my body, and the blocks in my creativity.

Put simply, I was disconnected from my body and burned. tf. out.

I was overworking myself, ignoring my intuition, and totally missing the signals my body was sending me. This led to fatigue, persistent illness, and a slew of other challenges; all of which required me to slow down to solve (something I, admittedly, was not very good at once upon a time).

Yoga and meditation were always part of my life, but my practice took on a whole new meaning when I came to this realization, and it sent me on a path of exploration and creativity that opened the door to my inner wisdom and intuition – and it was liberating.

Now, I teach entrepreneurs how to connect to your body, tap into your intuition, and feel aligned with your business using the tools of yoga, meditation, and mindset.”

Are you ready to work together to overcome stress and burnout, unlock your creativity, gain clarity, and propel your business forward with ease?

 In her training below, Jess shows us how a solid mindfulness practice can help elevate your creativity! 

You can also check her out on Instagram, and through her website!


enhance your creativity with mindfulness

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