Full Moon Circles

A magical gathering for growth & connection

Discover your

full potential

Join us every full moon for a replenishing & mystical experience. Our virtual get-togethers are an opportunity for you dive deeper in to the mystical practices that have been calling your name.

Our circles are a celebration of community, connection and alignment. 

What is a

moon circle?

It’s a gathering meant for connection. Connection to others – to yourself and to nature.

Through our virtual ritual space, we’ll discuss the energies of the current full moon & how to harness them to best help you set intentions & achieve your goals.

We are a safe space for spirit seekers, moon children and divine feminine. We offer empowerment & support to each other.

Welcome to your tribe. 

Inspired women


“Sierra has a beautiful gift of curating content that is good for the body, mind, and soul. Very uplifting online space built around a loving and supportive community. Join us!”

Sarah L.

“Sierra helps me connect to the current lunar energy & utilize it in my daily life. I’m so thankful to be part of this witchy community with her and everyone else involved.

Julia Z.

“It brings so much joy, peace and beauty in my life to be part of this community. One of the best things introduced to me in 2020 is right here. Thank you Sierra.”         

Luna R.

Upcoming Dates


May Full Moon in Scorpio: Heart-Centered Passion

May brings us a full Flower Moon & the celebration of Beltane. It’s a time of passion and heart-centered living. Learn how to inspire transformation and inspiration in your life.

Wednesday, May 6th // 7 pm CST



Juicy Info

Bring one of your favorite notebooks so you can jot down what resonates with you.


Guided Meditation

Wear something comfortable, and maybe grab a pillow to sit on.


Community Discussion

We like to get to know each other & share what’s going on in our lives.


Ritual Space

Set yourself in a space where you can be fully present & undistrubed with the group.


I’m Sierra!

And I’ll be your guide 🙂

I’m a yoga + wellness coach from New Orleans.
I combine both ancient & modern wellness practices to inspire wellbeing and spiritual connection in my students. I lead workshops and classes to help others understand how to use self-care to create a life they love!

What about the rest of the month?


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