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Full Strawberry Supermoon in Capricorn : Energy Reading & Releasing Ceremony

with Sierra Vandervort

Join Sierra for a ritual to honor the Full Strawberry Supermoon in Capricorn.

You’ll start with a grounding meditation before diving deep into the lore, energies, and manifestations of this full moon energy. You’ll then have time for some guided journaling prompts before you’re led through a releasing ceremony. 

Come prepared with your journal, pencil, sacred objects, and perhaps a fire-safe bowl 😉

If this is your first even with us – WELCOME xx

Connection is Currency

What is the Mystic Members Club?

🔥 A community created with YOU, the growing goddess, in mind.  
🔥 A safe space where new age, witchy, and “woo woo” are welcome.
🔥 For those who desire to understand more about being their best Selves, and living from a space of FREEDOM and CREATIVITY.
🔥 A space for women who would rather dance along the river and howl in the moonlight.


This is for you.

abundance, clarity & purpose

This is for those who desire more.

To be embodied
To feel more fulfilled
To have more support and inspiration on a daily basis.

This is what’s waiting for you in the Mystic Member’s Club.

Let’s get you connected with the soul tribe your heart has been searching for…

Inside the community you will receive access to: 


LIVE Masterminds with top experts in the filed of personal development, mindfulness, and ultimate well-being

Complete WORKSHOP PORTAL with nearly 100 yoga classes, meditations, and workshops on everything from sustainability & reiki healing to creating your own freedom-based business

Monthly MOON RITUALS where we gather together to connect and explore the deep wisdom of Mother Earth

Access to an amazing, CONNECTIVE COMMUNITY of individuals like you who want to learn, grow and expand together on their journey

Opportunities to share your GIFTS & PASSIONS with the community and grow your own business

Discounts on upcoming RETREATS, future courses and transformational programs

Our Intention

Sacred Sisterhood

And last but certainly not least –

you will be connected to an amazing, incredible, supportive, luscious group of women who are beyond supportive of you and your journey.

Many of these women have ended up connecting in real-time in different places from around the world.

Here in the Mystic Member’s Club, you will find eye-opening conversations, life-changing practices, and the supportive community you’ve been calling in for this next part of your journey. 

You will receive monthly ritual practices, interviews from top-notch facilitators around the world, plus exclusive workshops & trainings given only to this community by Sierra.

Sierra Vandervort

Yoga + Wellness Teacher

I teach connection. Connection to the body, to nature and to that universal love that holds us all together!

In my yoga teaching, we connect the body and the breath as a form of emotional and spiritual self-care. Through this connection, we embody compassion, joy and strength for ourselves & others.

In my astrology and seasonal connection teachings, we tune in to the energies of nature to inspire harmony & optimal growth in our daily lives!


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