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Gemini Full Moon Ritual | Meditation, Affirmation & Journaling

Morgan Le Fay // December 17, 2021

Join me and Morgan Le Fay in this guided ritual for the Full Moon in Gemini.

Welcome enchanted ones! Welcome to this Full Moon in Gemini ritual. You’ll start with a grounding meditation before diving deep into the lore, energies, and manifestations of this full moon energy. Morgan le Fay will be able to give you insights on what this full moon means for YOU specifically based on your rising sign.

Join Morgan for a special ritual to honor the Full Moon in Gemini. First, a grounding meditation helps you ease out of the busy and hectic mind that can sometimes come with Gemini energy. Then, you’ll learn about the Full Moon in Gemini and how you can utilize it in your healing journey.

To close, Morgan will lead you through some affirmations for the full moon in Gemini. Come prepared with your journal, pencil, and sacred objects.

Gemini Full Moon Ritual

45 minute ritual practice

props needed: journal and other sacred objects

For my practice, I’m using my favorite vegan leather journal from Magic of I. Made by a woman-owned small business, these journals are so magical looking and are imbued with magic and intention for all of your journalling purposes. To grab your own, use my code THELOCALMYSTIC to save 10% on your order.

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