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Heart Chakra Repair – ASMR Vocal Sound Healing

with Arie11e 

::: I pray this to serve as a reminder that you are forever and innately Love in Free Form :::

This is a guided ASMR whisper, singing vocals, and eye-gazing meditation to cleanse your perception of others who may be taking up space in your energy.

639 Hertz Solfeggio frequency helps to clear this stored emotional information as we Journey together in this guided Shamanic meditation. Use in a meditative state, listen to as you fall asleep, or watch in complete relaxation allow eye gazing and nature walk visuals to reprogram you to a more peaceful state of being.

This can be a great tool to reclaim our peace in relationship to others if we ever placed it somewhere outside of ourselves or divine oneness.

—So much gratitude for connecting with you in this moment in time in space—-

===Your support is greatly appreciated for these offerings of voice and visions in service here===




Chelsea / Arie11e / Simran Narayan Kaur (Sanskrit name meaning- to meditate on the names of God and provide shelter to all) has transformed her life through art, spirituality, meditation, herbalism, and Amazonian culture and practice.

She has worked in cultures around the world for close to 10 years, learning a variety of ancient, tribal, & traditional ways, as well as new ways of prayer, connection & devotion. She focuses on the integration of these sacred ways and rituals to create sustainable happiness and freedom in one’s unique experience.

Through ancient tools, medicines, practices & guidance, she is dedicated to being in service to others on the path of, true healing, freedom, intentional creation, and pure uninhibited connection to all!


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