Happy New Year to you and yours! I hope your transition in to 2019 has been gentle and exciting.

New Orleans is an especially festive city, so we’ve been celebrating a little extra. As fun as all the parties, parades and fireworks can be – I especially love this time for clearing, centering, cleaning and getting everything ready for a fresh new year.

I love to incorporate my magickal practice when I clean. While on the surface it might look like simple tidying up, it also opens up so much space for me to relax, manifest and welcome more awesomeness in to my home.

One easy way to make the task of cleaning more magickal and ritualistic is to use specific herbal blends with you clean. You can use fresh or dried herbs here, but you might add in an extra tablespoon if you’re using fresh. Sage is a common herb used for clearing, cleaning and traditional folk magic. I chose dried rosemary for increased mental clarity and inspiration. Other herbal options could include lavender for emotional well-being, chamomile for stress relief, mugwort for divination or basil for protection.

The more you work with herbs, the more you can tailor this recipe to fit your desired outcomes. The recipe I’ve included was my specific New Years clearing blend – but I’ve made note where you can switch around and personalize it.


New Years Energy Clearing Herbal Wash


  • 1 tbs. sage
  • 1 tbs. rosemary (or other herb specific to your needs)
  • 1/2 cup white vinegar
  • tea tree essential oil
  • ylang ylang essential oil (or other oil specific to your needs)
  • hot water


  1. Add the dried herbs to a french press or a ceramic bowl. Cover with about two cups of hot water. Let that steep for 10 – 12 minutes. If using a ceramic bowl you’ll need to strain out with a mesh strainer.
  2. Meanwhile, fill a mop bucket with your white vinegar.
  3. Once your herbs have been soaked, pour the herbal mixture in to your mop bucket.
  4. Add five drops of tea tree essential oil and three drops of your other selected oil
  5. Top off with hot water – I usually add maybe an additional four cups or so (you can continue to add hot water if you start mopping and end up realizing you need a little extra)
  6. As you mop, picture all the energetic connections and old habits you wish to let go of. Take note of the smell of your herbs, feel yourself breathing a little deeper, feel a sense of lightness in yourself. Imagine your fresh, clean slate for the new year – full of possibilities.


Happy New Year to you. I wish you all success, grace and peace.


Blessed Be Xx

The Local Mystic