Honor Transition with the Winter Solstice

with Briana Kurtz

HELPING MODERN WOMXN live less from their minds & more from their hearts.

As the darkest day of the year, this is our deep dive in to our more subtle ways of being. We’re called to spend more time indoors, by ourselves, letting the dust of the year settle in our minds and bodies. After the solstice, we welcome back the slow but steady return of the sun. We honor the lowest turn in our wheel of the year, while also celebrating our slow ascent back to summer and warmth.

If you’re feeling burnt out and fatigued during this time of year, it may be time for an energetic shift  in your body.

Briana Kurtz

guide & advocate

Briana Kurtz, one on one guide, Breathwork facilitator, and creator of Elemental Embodiment, a workshop series using Nature-based practices for emotional evolution.

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