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Energy Management: Creating Inner Stability in Unstable Times

with Kristen Donat 

Join Kristen to learn energetic, somatic, and embodiment tools to anchor into the present moment, and get present with yourself, so you can root into your creative power and radiate your brilliance.

In our modern era, it is very common to feel like there is never enough time. We are constantly trying to get everything done, and it can be hard to find time to get present and grounded in the current moment. This can leave us feeling overwhelmed, uncertain, and easily activated by external situations. Everything can start to feel too much and we can fall into apathy, or start franticly doing things that are not the best use of our energy or time.

Learning to manage our energy and get grounded in the present moment can help us find clarity. It can help us feel capable and help us navigate uncertainty

We are powerful creative beings. We have the ability to root our energy and consciousness into our present moment and our physical reality. From this place, we can access our true power, and co-create miracles with the universe.

Our bodies are resilient and wise, and deeply connected to the world around us.

Don’t forget to grab the two worksheets below: Identify Your Current Habits & Needs¬†and Reflect & Integrate Your Practices.

Kristen Donat

Intuitive Healer, Teacher & Guide

Kristen is a highly sensitive change-maker here to help others overcome imposter syndrome so we can tune into our inner knowing, radiate our truth and share our magic with the world.

Kristen is an empathic healer, a self-reliance life coach, a radical reiki teacher, a group educator and a space holder.

Kristen works primarily online and offers embodiment tips and grounding meditations, one-on-one and group coaching, communal self-care spaces, and reiki training and sessions.


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