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Introduction to Hair Mindset

with Wren Tailor

After struggling for 14 years with mental health problems and working in salons for over 6 years, I’ve come to realise that there is a link between hair and mental health. So, when your hair starts looking great, you’ll feel great about yourself. When you start feeling great about yourself, your hair starts looking great right alongside you! This course is all about the foundations of hair mindset and that is healing your mind first then manifesting your dream hair second! Hair mindset is all about perfectly aligning your mind, body and soul into your dream self, becoming the person you know you’re ready to be to accomplish anything you want in life, and naturally your hair will look great on the way!

– Wren Tailor

Wren Tailor

hairdresser + mindset coach

I’m Wren Tailor, I’m a hairdresser, makeup artist and hair mindset coach from England! I strive to build a brand where I can help others learn to love themselves and be confident in who they are. Teaching them how to live their most authentic unapologetic lives while having amazing hair!

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