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Get ready for Leo season with this fiery playlist

Sierra Vandervort

This piece originally appears in the August issue of Witch Way Magazine.

Oh, how fun and how lucky we are to create a special Leo themed playlist! It’s your time of the season, fire darlings, and we know you’ve been waiting all year for it. Your dramatic, creative energy made this month’s music extra lively. So, we hope you’re ready for a party.

Leos are ruled by the all-powerful energy of the sun, which equates to a massive stereotype that they tend to perceive themselves as the center of the universe. Seems like a big call at first, and they’re definitely not all massive, center-stage drama queens.

Leo’s have an inherent personal magnetism. There’s a warmth and enthusiasm about them that makes them irresistible to most of the rest of the zodiac. It’s like moths drawn to their fearless flame. They are a spirit that’s inherently drawn to romance and playfulness, Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse anyone? They get a bad rep for being the arrogant, drama-queens of the zodiac, but their ambition and strength is why we love to keep them around.

Tap into the flamboyantly fierce energy of this Leo themed playlist. Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga and Charlie XCX pump up the party, while our patron saint of Leo energy Mick Jagger carries us through. And we totally ran with the Leo “lion’s mane“ hair jokes. But hey, Leo energy calls for a little playfulness!

Happy listening and merry magick making my loves!


Leo Season Playlist

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