Mars Retrograde in Aries : Navigating the Current Astro Transit

Sierra Vandervort // September 24, 2020

This week, we’re joined by astrologer, tarot reader & podcast host Kari Raquel.

And we’re talking all about Mars in Retrograde! This current astrological transit takes place all through October and in to the middle of November.

It only comes once every 26 months – so it’s side effect my feel drastic and foreign. Mars Rx side effects can include: frustration, aggression, low energy and discombobulation.

Today – Kari is going to give us three tips for navigating this treacherous energy.

Kari is the host of the Soulful of It podcast, where she covers a variety of topics within the metaphysical realm by means of storytelling. This includes astrology, spirituality, self empowerment, mindfulness & tarot.

She’s also the creator of the Affirmation Destination: a mindfulness community with the intention to spread positivity, encourage radical self love, and promote community building.

How are you feeling during this Mars in Retrograde season? What peaceful practices help you feel restored & refreshed? Leave us a comment!


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Mars Retrograde in Aries

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