The New Mate Collection is Carbon Negative & Totally Adorable

Sierra Vandervort // April 27th, 2022

When it comes to MATE the Label’s newest collection, negative is actually positive.

The sustainable loungewear brand just released its first fully carbon-negative clothing collection. The new, rich hues of Solar and Hydro aren’t just good for spring, they’re also great for the environment.

So what does it mean to be carbon negative? It means that with any given action, you’re removing more carbon emissions from the environment than you’re producing. It’s one step beyond being carbon neutral – where you equally offset the amount of carbon you produce. Since excess carbon emissions are continuing to trap heat in the atmosphere and wreak havoc on our planet, in this chase, the negative is positive. 

While it is true that, right now, there is no industry standard or certification to be officially negative – that’s not stopping MATE.

The latest MATE color launch – Hydro and Solar – is the first carbon-negative collection for the Cali-based brand. For every unit sold, their team is supporting the offset of twice as much carbon from the atmosphere as the products emit. They’ll do so by supporting renewable electricity projects centered around – you guessed – hydro and solar power. 

Every year, the sustainably-minded clothing company works to offset 100% of its emissions, making them certified Carbon Neutral. But with their latest collection, MATE has taken it one step further. This is all in addition to their company-wide declaration to only use ​​non-toxic, natural, and organic materials. As an L.A.-based brand, they also work to support local communities by using LA garment workers to reduce transportation emissions. All of their goodies are knitted, cut, sewn, and dyed in LA, often no more than 15 miles from their office.

For me, I sprung for the oversized sweatshirt and

mate the label

biker shorts in Solar. The vibrant yellow made my partner and I smile all day long, and the oversized sweatshirt is the perfect sweater staple for the still chilly Oregon mornings.

Grab some Mate goodies for yourself,

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