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Welcome home, sister

Are you ready to find your community, prioritize your wellness & manifest your dreams?

You’re evolving, and you should have a community that reflects that.


You can feel that you’re ready for something more.

You’re grown & shifted so much over the past year.

And now the same practices, thought patterns & conversations aren’t cutting it anymore.

You’re craving a community that challenges, uplifts & inspires you.

And you’re ready to ascend to that higher level. 

That level of being that is fully embodied. 

That is playful, expressive & joyful.

That feels confident & capable when chasing your dreams.

What if I told you

That there is a community of soul sisters just waiting to embrace you.

 That instead of feeling exhausted, strung out and in need of a good veg-session, you could feel more energized than ever before.

That instead of scrolling through countless inspirational IG posts and webinars with barely any content…

You could have access to the EXACT content you desire for more abundance, clarity, purpose, freedom, creativity, embodiment, and expression in your life.

From yoga & meditation to astrology to moon rituals to entrepreneurship: we’re here to learn, grow, connect & collaborate together!

This is what’s waiting for you in the Mystic Member’s Club.

Let’s get you connected with the soul tribe your heart has been searching for…

You’re here reading this…


Which means you have a desire to shift something big in your life. You might feel like you’re shedding old skin in a sense, and you’re ready to step into a feeling of full embodiment and personal power.

You’re ready to catapult your growth and finally see the success you’ve been waiting a long time for!

Mama I got you.


Mystic Members Club

a global sisterhood & online hub for spiritual elevation, wellness, connection & soul-centered entreprenuership! 

It’s time to be part of the community you’ve been longing for…



With weekly, virtual meditation circles you'll have a chance to consistently check in, and make your mental health a PRIORITY


By the end of the year, you will have accessed all the seasonal magic of the Earth & learned how to harness its magic in your daily life


You'll have access to thousands of dollars worth of classes, workshops, & more!


You'll have a support system that you can fall back on to guide you through the journey of becoming your highest self.


You will be inspired, motivated and encouraged to live the life of your dreams.

Hi, I’m Sierra 👋 creator the the Mystic Members Club

Hey modern mystic!

I’m Sierra: yoga teacher, mindset mentor, & world-traveling entrepreneur!

I created the Mystic Members Club because I know what it feels like to long for connection. We all desire connection & friendship, but I believe it goes deeper.

I wanted to find women who would howl at the moon with me, host releasing rituals with me, travel to exotic spiritual retreats with me, and grow a badass online business with me.  

I believe we’re stronger together – and I stand on the platform of building other women up, never tearing each other down.

Let’s do this together,
Xx Sierra

CEO and magic maker

Here’s how it’s gonna go down…

Every month, you’ll get unlimited access to content that helps you grow your wellness practice, (think yoga classes, Chakra workshops, business seminars, Full Moon circles, guided meditations – the works!)

Each month we study something new & upload brand new content, so you can continue to grow & build a spiritual practice that helps you create the life you desire.

Then, we’ll tap in to the intuitive energetics of nature to help us supercharge our goals. (i.e. witchy shit)

And the best part – you’re not alone. You’ll have my guidance, and the support of our group to help guide you every step of the way.

All for less than 75 cents a day!

This is exactly what you’ll receieve

in the Mystic Members Club

Soulful Workshops

50+ offerings on everything from chakras to hair mindset & everything in between! And we’re adding every month!

Mindfulness Library

Practice yoga & meditation around the world with my entire library of asana classes & guided meditations

A private container to connect

Find support, inspiration & collaboration in the group


Monthly Moon Rituals

Harness the energies of the full moon with guided spiritual circles & lunar rituals


Social events

Virtual mocktail party anybody?

Weekly Check Ins

Join us for Mystic Mondays with a weekly guided meditation & coffee chat! 

Want a sneak peek in to the Mystic Members Club?


Value: $97


Value: $295


Value: $197


Value: $47


Value: $250


Value: $99


These workshops alone are worth more than the cost of a year long membership to the Mystic Members Club! 

With a Mystic Members Club Membership, you receive:

✨ LIVE weekly meditations & coffee chats with me, Sierra, so you can start your week on the right foot

✨ Monthly lunar rituals during every full & new moon, helping you to align your energies, manifest your deepest desires, & connect to something bigger

✨ The ENTIRE soulful wellness masterclass library that grows every month

✨ Global yoga asana & meditation library, practice with me from all around the world!

✨ Monthly, magic e-book with journal prompts, rituals, meditations, recipes & playlists related to the shift of the seasons & phases of the moon

✨ Local mystic meet-ups, circles and dances with goddesses in your community (when it’s safe to do so)

✨ Opportunity for YOU to lead your own workshop, share your events and be featured to our community of like minded women

Total value: $5,000+

But because I want you to get started on your dharma & building you community, I dropped the price down… drastically. 

Enrollment will be open for a limited time!

Elevate your life. Find your sister tribe.

Pursue your purpose. Connect with the inner goddess within.