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The Mystic Member’s Club is a space to connect, elevate and grow in the rich world of freedom, embodiment and mindfulness


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Connection is Currency

What is the Mystic Members Club?

🔥 A community created with YOU, the growing goddess, in mind.  
🔥 A safe space where new age, witchy, and “woo woo” are welcome.
🔥 For those who desire to understand more about being their best Selves, and living from a space of FREEDOM and CREATIVITY.
🔥 A space for women who would rather dance along the river and howl in the moonlight.


This is for you.

You’re evolving, and you should have a

community that reflects that.


You can feel that you’re ready for something more.

You’ve grown & shifted so much over the past year.

And now the same practices, thought patterns & conversations aren’t cutting it anymore.

You’re craving a community that challenges, uplifts & inspires you.

And you’re ready to ascend to that higher level. 

That level of being that is fully embodied. 

That is playful, expressive & joyful.

That feels confident & capable when chasing your dreams.

abundance, clarity & purpose

This is for those who desire more.

To be embodied
To feel more fulfilled
To have more support and inspiration on a daily basis.

This is what’s waiting for you in the Mystic Member’s Club.

Let’s get you connected with the soul tribe your heart has been searching for…

Who is inside the Mystic Member’s Club?


This is an exclusive community that welcomes all women who are ready to deepen their understanding of themselves.


This is a community of women who are actively interested in learning more about themselves, their spirituality and their ability to create the life of their DREAMS.

There is a community of soul sisters and embodied women just waiting to embrace you.

Unlimited Access

What do I get inside the Mystic Member’s Club? 

Here’s a sneak peek at what courses, workshops and live events you’ll have full access to in the group – recordings included!

Full Moon in Aquarius Ritual: Yoga, Meditation & Journaling

Full Moon in Aquarius Ritual: Yoga, Meditation & Journaling

vinyasa yoga  with Sierra Vandervort Hello and welcome to your practice today! Today we're honoring the Full Moon in Aquarius and its accompanying energy of FREEDOM. This practice is all about creating freedom in your body and mind so that you may live a life where...

Astrology Basics : Sect Light & Annual Profections

Astrology Basics : Sect Light & Annual Profections

with Joli KnottHere are two techniques to look at your chart in potentially a new way! The concept of sect describes whether we should look at the chart as a Day Chart or a Night Chart. This helps us understand which planets are the most helpful to us, and which...

Leveraging Your Voice to Rapidly Grow Your Online Business

Leveraging Your Voice to Rapidly Grow Your Online Business

with Coley Lane Coley Lane is the founder of Life Goals Magazine, and a blog & Pinterest Strategist. She and Sierra are going to chat about using your unique voice through content creation as a way to grow your business. They'll cover the basics of starting your...

Tapas Vinyasa: Yoga for Energy & Motivation

Tapas Vinyasa: Yoga for Energy & Motivation

vinyasa yoga  with Sierra Vandervort Hello and welcome to your practice today! This sequence is centered around one of the core, foundational principles of yoga - tapas. Tapas is the fire of vitality, energy, motivation & discipline. When we create tapas in the...

Exploring Comfort Zones

Exploring Comfort Zones

yoga and meditation with Sarah Wilson  Join yogi Sarah Wilson for this expansive yoga class. Participants can expect to try asanas that allow for space and growth in all areas of the body and mind. We will start with a brief meditation/pranayama practice. The class...

Inside the community you will receive access to: 


LIVE Masterminds with top experts in the filed of personal development, mindfulness, and ultimate well-being

Complete WORKSHOP PORTAL with nearly 100 yoga classes, meditations, and workshops on everything from sustainability & reiki healing to creating your own freedom-based business

Monthly MOON RITUALS where we gather together to connect and explore the deep wisdom of Mother Earth

Access to an amazing, CONNECTIVE COMMUNITY of individuals like you who want to learn, grow and expand together on their journey

Opportunities to share your GIFTS & PASSIONS with the community and grow your own business

Discounts on upcoming RETREATS, future courses and transformational programs


What our Girls Saying

“I love this beautiful space…”

…filled with an abundance of love, light, support, and authenticity. I’m so grateful to be here.


“I feel more in touch with myself…”

I adore being a Mystic Member! I feel more in touch with myself & the world around me than I ever did before.


“Opened up my whole life…”

Your last full moon circle opened up my whole life! I can’t wait to tell you what’ magic is on the way.


“This has become my church…”

Even though I don’t know everyone here, I know I have like-minded sisters to support me when I need it.”


Our Intention

Sacred Sisterhood

And last but certainly not least –

you will be connected to an amazing, incredible, supportive, luscious group of women who are beyond supportive of you and your journey.

Many of these women have ended up connecting in real-time in different places from around the world.

Here in the Mystic Member’s Club, you will find eye-opening conversations, life-changing practices, and the supportive community you’ve been calling in for this next part of your journey. 

Hi, I’m Sierra 👋 creator the the Mystic Members Club

Hey modern mystic!

I’m Sierra: yoga teacher, mindset mentor, & world-traveling entrepreneur!

I created the Mystic Members Club because I know what it feels like to long for connection. We all desire connection & friendship, but I believe it goes deeper.

I wanted to find women who would howl at the moon with me, host releasing rituals with me, travel to exotic spiritual retreats with me, and grow a badass online business with me.  

I believe we’re stronger together – and I stand on the platform of building other women up, never tearing each other down.

Let’s do this together,
Xx Sierra

CEO and magic maker

The intention of this space is to support women in reclaiming a healthy connection to themselves, their success & their spirituality.

You will receive monthly ritual practices, interviews from top-notch facilitators around the world, plus exclusive workshops & trainings given only to this community by Sierra.

You’re here reading this…


Which means you have a desire to shift something big in your life. You might feel like you’re shedding old skin in a sense, and you’re ready to step into a feeling of full embodiment and personal power.

You’re ready to catapult your growth and finally see the success you’ve been waiting a long time for!

Mama I got you.

I do this work because I want to provide support for women to deepen their connection to themselves

thus being able to connect more fully with others and create more fulfilling lives.

I promise to provide you with some of the deepest concentrated quality you could possibly get in the online spaces.

So let's recap...

With a Mystic Members Club Membership, you receive:

✨ The ENTIRE Wellness Masterclass Library that grows every month

✨ Global yoga asana & meditation videos, practice with me from all around the world!

✨ Monthly lunar rituals to help you to align your energies, manifest your deepest desires, & connect to something bigger

✨ Monthly, magical e-book with journal prompts, rituals, meditations, recipes & playlists related to the shift of the seasons & phases of the moon

✨ Local mystic meet-ups, circles, and dances with goddesses in your community (when it’s safe to do so)

✨ Opportunity for YOU to lead your own workshop, share your events, and be featured to our community of like-minded women

Total value: $3,000+

But I want this to be accessible – and I want you to get started on your dharma & building your community!

Let’s talk money, honey

I’ve made Mystic Members Club accessible to all who genuinely have an interest in diving into spiritual work and being part of this community.  

True enlightenment, purpose, community, and growth shouldn’t have a high price tag.  

This program has the power to profoundly change your life. And that’s not just hype. I’m confident that if you do the work, you’ll get tremendous value. I back that up with my risk-free money-back guarantee.

Your membership breaks down to less than .75 a day!

Would you pay $22
 to be continually supported by a sisterhood of women?
Would you pay $22
 for more ritual, ceremony and spirituality in your life?
Would you pay $22
 to embody the goddesses you are?
Would you pay $22
 to become your highest self?

I sure hope so, sisterqueen! (Because you are worth a LOT more than that!) 

Our Sisters

“The MMC has created a space for celebrating myself and others.

This group radiates so much love. The antidote to feeling lost is connection – and the women in this group show up for me and each other constantly. I am so grateful to Sierra for making her dream a reality where we all benefit!”

– Morgan

The Mystic Members Club brings those women into your life, women who you may never have crossed paths with in your everyday life. These women are your soul sisters, here to uplift you, inspire you, and have your back.

Elevate your life. Find your sister tribe.

Pursue your purpose. Connect with the inner goddess within.