Mocktails & Mindful Consumption

with Carolyn Heneghan 

You’ve had a full day – it’s time to let loose with all your new gal pals! Carolyn Heneghan is the founder of The SiP – a platform dedicated to applying mindfulness to drinking, partying, and the sober curious lifestyle. She’ll guide us through a simple mocktail recipe you can make from home. Then, she’ll share some tips on how to overcome mental barriers around sober socializing.

Carolyn Heneghan

Freelancer & Founder of the SiP

When I’m not eating or cooking, I write about food (watch out for my seafood gumbo or red beans and rice–you’ll never look back). When I’m not traveling myself (or often when I am), I write about traveling. When I’m not using or being utterly amazed by today’s and tomorrow’s technology, I write about tech. When I’m not working directly with businesses to help them achieve their goals, I write about business. It’s how I choose to live. And I have to tell you, I’m loving life and plan on loving it this way long into the future.

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