A Luxurious, Grounding Yoga Practice for the Full Moon in Taurus

Sierra Vandervort // November 8, 2022

The moon in Taurus, a fixed Earth sign, invites us to slow things down and bring a bit of indulgence into our lives.

On Tuesday, November 8, 2022, the full Moon in Taurus peaks in the night sky. For those who listen to its subtle energies, the full moon offers insights into personal development and spiritual maturation. Every full moon is different due to the influence of the sign it resides in that day. Taurus, a fixed Earth sign, invites us to slow things down and bring a bit of indulgence into our lives. 

Taurus energy is slow, steady, abundant, and delicious. When the moon is in Taurus, we’re softly reminded not to overwork ourselves. In Western cultures, we’re often praised for “hustling” and pushing ourselves to our limits. And while dedication (or tapas in yoga) is powerful, we must also step back and prioritize the actual enjoyment of life.  

Taurus is also ruled by the planet Venus. Venus carries an innate sense of sensuality and indulgence. You can channel this energy by taking time this week to slow down and indulge your senses. Enjoy some warming, hearty, comfort food; take a luxurious milk bath, and see where you can create a sense of wealth in your life.  

A Yin Yoga Practice for the Full Moon in Taurus

This 60-minute yin yoga sequence will help you ground into your body and luxuriate in stillness. Supported twists help to release tension along the spine, while forward folds work wonders for an overexerted nervous system. I invite you to put on your comfiest clothes, light candles, dim the lights, and indulge yourself with this juicy 60-minute yoga class. You deserve it! For this class, you will need a bolster.

Full Moon in Taurus Yoga

60 min yin yoga

props needed: bolster

For my practice, I’m using my favorite sustainable yoga rug from Öko Living. The one I’m using helps to invoke the fire element – perfect for our Arues moon! These mats are ethically hand-loomed out of organic cotton and dyed with medicinal herbs. Plus, they come from a small women-owned business! If you’d like to grab your own yoga rug, use my code 10thelocalmystic to save $10 on your order.

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