Moon Magic 101

Explore how you can use the phases of the moon to find a balance between masculine and feminine, clarity on your divine path, and alignment in daily actions

The moon is our most direct connection to natural magic 🌙


She’s honored as a source of power and life across cultures and generations. For eons, her luminescent face has inspired thousands of cultural traditions, folk stories, and pagan rituals.

For thousands of years, she’s been a symbol of love, hope, rebirth, passion, fertility, mystery, and magic. At this point, she’s synonymous with witches and modern pagan practices. Even for those choosing not to identify with either of these spiritual communities, the moon is a great resource to help honor the rhythms of the natural world and develop a deeper connection with your spiritual self.

That’s why I always recommend moon magic for those interested in exploring their witchy side. It’s the most intuitive and accessible form of magic. You may already be practicing it.

When working with the moon, we’re working with the energy of the goddess. Here, she can take any form or name that fits your tradition and your comfortability.  But the presence of feminine divine energy is pertinent to Wiccan tradition, and one of its defining characteristics.

You don’t need many supplies for this magical work. The only necessary supply would be a journal, and maybe a dated calendar.

There are 8 phases total of the moon, each with its own specific set of magical energy for you to use. Since this is an intro, we’ll focus on the broad strokes of the lunar phases: new, waxing, full, waning and dark.


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