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Taurus season is fast approaching, magickal darlings. Known for their especially practical and grounded energy, the Taurus is a fixed, Earth element. Perhaps we can use this time of year to bring us a different perspective on how we’ve been choosing to go about our daily lives and our goal setting.

The Taurus is usually a dependable, committed friend and a hard worker. They’re patient, reliable, persistent and maybe even a little stubborn. The sign is ruled by Venus, bringing especially loving and beautiful energy to the zodiac. It’s an energy perfectly personified by our Taurus dedicated “Music of the Bulls” playlist.

Every artist featured this month is a born and bred Taurus, which started to become more and more apparent as the sophisticated, jazzy undertones came through. From Ella Fitzgerald and Stevie Wonder to the Arctic Monkeys and The Cure – our Taurus artists have been personifying an intricate sense of beauty throughout the ages.

Through soulful, somber lows and soaring, late 90’s disco-tech highs, let our Taurus artists put you in the mood of the season. Ground down, jam out and feel yourself be swept away by some powerful Taurus jams.

Happy listening and merry magick making my loves!