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Find a deeper connection to your life and manifest your goals with the support of guided wellness & magical practices.

Are you looking for a practical way to find some peace & alignment in your daily life? Do you want a structured guide on how to manifest your dreams?Are you interested in creating a spiritual practice that works for YOU? If you said yes, I’d like to invite you to the Mystic Moon School

What is the Moon School?

It’s an online platform and global community that gives you access to a variety of wellness tools.

Through meditation, yoga & moon magic – you can create a life that feels aligned, purposeful and magical.

What is Moon Magic?

It’s a way of connecting to a source of natural and practical magic.

It’s an accessible structure of goal-setting and manifestation. It’s a way for you to take YOUR search for the life you desire and turn it in to a structured, manageable and balanced reality.

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Every month, you’ll get unlimited access to guided, downloadable content that helps you grow your wellness practice.

Each month we study something new, so you can continue to grow and build a spiritual connection that helps you live the life you desire. 

Maybe you’ve tried to find a wellness or spiritual practice before. Maybe it didn’t stick for you because:

You had no idea how to start

You felt like you didn’t have access to the teachers or resources you needed

You were having trouble holding yourself accountable

Any of the other hundreds of ways that life can get in the way and derail us

You may feel like you’ve fallen in to a repetitive, mindless cycle in your life, and you want to take back some power & direction in your life. 


You just have to ask yourself if you’re ready.

Ready to feel joyous, present and powerful in your life

Ready to start setting goals, and actually accomplishing them

Ready to create a happy and abundant mindset

Ready to feel more connected to your body and the world around you

Ready to receive the support you need from a loving and empowering community of likeminded spirits

If you’re ready to create these things in your life, the Mystic Moon School is the place for you.

Get all of this every month:

  • 1 downloadable yoga video to help your body align to the energies of the season
  • 1 guided, downloadable meditation to help you clear your mind and cultivate peace
  • 1 live-streamed full moon circle where we gather to hold space and grow together
  • 1 ritual kit, with instructions on how to harvest the magic of the full moon
  • A printable moon calendar
  • Printable Journal prompts for deeper exploration
  • A private, global community of like-minded spirits
  • Discounts to my shop of handcrafted, herbal potions
  • The option to pick how much you pay for which services you’d like
  • The option to cancel at any time

The Mystic Moon School gives you online resources that help you develop a spiritual practice that ALSO helps you manifest your dreams.

Its online, downloadable format means that you can dive in whenever you like, from anywhere in the world.

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Your Instructor

I’m Sierra! :-
) I’m a teacher, herbalist, author and moon witch.
I combine ancient yoga practices with modern moon magic to inspire wellbeing and spiritual living in others. I’ve used moon magic to help me create my own business, travel the world & become self-employed. I lead workshops, classes and trainings to help others understand how to use the magic of the moon to create their dream life. I’m passionate about inspiring joy, strength & magic in others.

Are you ready to start living a magical, embodied and powerful life?

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