Women in Leadership Festival

an immersive day of
self-care, education & celebration

in a time of disconnect, isolation & competition – I wanted to create a space for sisterhood, inspiration & manifestation. 

I wanted to heal, celebrate & elevate with women who are as passionate about heart-centered living as I am…

– and the Women in Leadership Festival was created!

Our first event was held in May of ’21. We included all kinds of events from yoga and sound baths to panels and workshops. All in the name of becoming better versions of ourselves!

Catch all the replays from our 2021 Festival here!

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Connect & grow with women who get you


I knew I had a strong community to check in with. I could offer my energy to those that needed. Or I knew I could be supported if needed. It's a comforting feeling knowing you have strong women ready to laugh or cry with you.

– Julia Z.


Oh my gosh, that was so empowering and beautiful to be in the space with such magical, likeminded, liberating women. Thank you love for holding this space. I am so deeply touched, honoured and grateful to have been a part of it.

– Mallory M.


It was wonderful! I wanted to mention to you, after I did the morning yoga session I felt my third eye chakra tingling the rest of the day.

– Megan L.