Imbolc Rituals Guide : a shadow book for the birth of spring


Learn to create your own Imbolc celebration with this witch’s guidebook. In these pages, you’ll learn traditions & rituals to help call in the birth of Spring. A guided visualization meditation will help you connect to the goddess Brigid and visualize abundance in the new year. Get inspiration for your Imbolc altar with natural decorations and rituals. It’s all outlined in this witch’s book of shadows for you.

As a traditional festival of rebirth and creativity, Imbolc offers us an opportunity to start fresh. In this free workbook, I’ll guide you through Celtic Imbolc rituals you can use to celebrate the birth of spring!

Imbolc is the cross-quarter, seasonal celebration that marks the halfway point to the Spring Equinox from the Winter Solstice. It celebrates soft clarity, gentle beginnings, cleansing, and possibilities.

Imbolc is the pre-dawn of the blooming sunrise, the quiet stirrings of the freshly crested sun over the horizon. All is quiet - and a chill still hangs in the air. It is a time of spiritual & mental clarity, as we softly awaken with Gaia from the deep slumber of winter.

This is a time of deep nourishment, refueling our mind, body, and spirit after a trying winter. In these guided ritual books, I hope to inspire you for your Imbolc celebration and rituals.

Inside the Imbolc Rituals Guide:

  • What is Imbolc
  • Key themes for Imbolc
  • The power of Imbolc
  • Creating an Imbolc altar
  • Imbolc mood board
  • Imbolc visualization meditation & script
  • Herbal floor wash recipe + Energy Cleansing Ritual
  • Garden Magic
  • A fire ritual for releasing
  • A Self-Care Lustral Bath Ritual
  • Soothing yin yoga poses for Imbolc
  • Imbolc journal prompt
  • Imbolc intention setting page

I really hope you enjoy the magic I've put in these pages for you! In this celebration of the Wheel of the Year, I hope we can all bring just a bit of magic and wonder back into our daily lives. Thank you for celebrating with me.

blessed be,

xx S


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