Your Year of Magic: a moon magic journal & witchy workbook


Discover the natural power of the moon and seasons, and how you can utilize them to feel good and reach your potential


Moon magic is an intuitive way to connect to your highest self through nature. But it can also be a helpful framework for goal-setting that actually honors your energetic ebbs & flows! In this specially crafted moon magic journal, I'll help you uncover the magic of every full moon of the year.

Now you can access the magic of the universe, with Your Year of Magic. You’ll find rituals, journal prompts, and high-vibe insights for every full moon of the year. By attuning to this energy, we are taken out of the uninspiring repetition of the every day – and begin to feel a bit of magic and transformation in our lives!

Inside this moon magic journal you will discover:

  • the energies & power flows of every single full moon
  • how to understand your own ebb and flow of energy, so you can feel more productive & less burnt out
  • how to practice self-care rituals that will help you make more time for yourself and your spiritual development

Unlock the power of full moon rituals with this practical guide to moon magic and seasonal living.

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Amazon reviews:

"Your Year of Magic is my first moon-magic-oriented journal. I’m one month into using it and have a deep appreciation of its offering. Our divine human qualities are all connected to the universe, sun, planets, and especially the moon, and this book serves as a perfect reminder of that. I am loving learning about different cultural ways of honoring moon cycles in our communities and within our own sense of self. I 100% recommend this transformative practice to learn more about yourself and your connection with the sacred as the year goes by. Thank you, Sierra!" - Bailey J.

"Sierra's unique witchy goodness comes through beautifully in Your Year of Magic! I love that it's interactive and that the activities are meaningful. I also am really glad the calendar isn't already dated so that I can use it now or anytime in the future. So magical and practical!" - Sarah L.

"Sierra is such a talented writer and teacher. This book is her love, magic, and power in a physical form. Each page was created with so much care and attention and I truly feel like she threw her all into creating this workbook for those she cares about and wants to see thrive!" - Brooke M.

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Weight 11 oz
Dimensions 6 × 1 × 9 in


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