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Seed Cycling: The Most Natural Practice to Balance Your Hormones

with Maria Courian

Join Holistic Nutritionist Maria Courian for an exploration of Seed Cycling, what it is and how it works.

As one of the most natural practices to balance hormones, seed cycling is an easy and inexpensive practice that has proven to be effective in improving irregular or heavy periods, extreme PMS, infertility, mood swings and low energy due to hormonal imbalances.

Maria Courian

Holistic Nutritionist

Maria is a CNP [Hons.] aka holistic nutritionist and metabolism guru who loves food, cappuccinos with oat milk and travel. Her passion is to help women re-balance their metabolism naturally so they can finally remember how GOOD their body is designed to feel through her signature program: The Metabolic Reboot System.

Maria also has a bachelor in Nutrition and food science and a clinical detoxification certification.

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