How Self Care Can Make You More Productive

A strong self care practice has numerous benefits – but you probably don’t think of productivity as being one of them.

We get so caught up in the rush of day-to-day life and checking as much off of our to-do list as possible, that we don’t give ourselves time to step away and see the bigger picture.

This has been a huge side-effect of my slowly strengthening self-care practice over the years. I’ve noticed my ability to think creatively, problem solve and stay focused has drastically increased.

It’s not really our fault that we’re so caught up in our patterns and routines. It’s what we crave as human beings: stability, comfort & routine. And while some routines can be beneficial, they also keep us limited. 

When we’re facing things head-on, day-to-day  and in the moment – we have to react quickly, which isn’t always the best option. When we give ourselves time to step away, we allow ourselves to play catch up. We can digest the situations & accomplishments from recent, and use new insights to help us perform better in the future. 

Interested in learning more? Watch my mini training below on slowing down to speed up – and how your self-care practice can help elevate your creativity and productivity.

How Self Care Can Make You More Productive

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