Seven New Year Journal Prompts to Help You Reflect on the Year

Sierra Vandervort // December 28, 2022

There are many ways you can practice inner reflection in the new year, but I find new year journal prompts to be one of the most powerful.

Happy New Year, magical ones! What a year it’s been, and now that the Yuletide dust has begun to settle, it’s time for some new year intention setting. One practice I’ve found totally life-changing is to use some of this new year’s energy for reflection before moving forward into manifestation. There are many ways you can practice inner reflection in the new year, but I find new year journal prompts to be one of the most powerful.

Before we move forward and set goals and intentions for 2023, we must reflect on how 2022 went for us. What worked and what didn’t? What made us the happiest? What are we yearning to release? Journal prompts for the end of the year are a great way to help us expound on these lessons. After integrating the happenings of 2022, we can move forward with our new year’s resolutions with even more power and stability!

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Use these following journal prompts to look back over 2022. Give yourself time to dive deep into each question, and be fully present with whatever emotions come up.


Seven New Year Journal Prompts

Overall – how did you feel about 2022? 

What lessons have you learned in 2022? 

What happened this past year that you’re grateful for? WHY are you grateful for these things? 

What happened in the past year that you’re ready to release? 

In what ways did you feel too spread thin? Where did you feel your energy draining? 

What are you leaving behind this year?

What are you taking with you into the new year?

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