Sound Bath & Guided Meditation

with Nazli Takesh 

Join Yoga & breath work mentor Nazli Takesh in a gentle meditation followed by a time of stillness to soak in the vibrations of crystal sound bowls and flow chimes. The overall vibe of this is to sit back and just receive!

This is accessible to all levels.

Sound bowls help us regulate our nervous system, stimulate our immune system, cleanse and clear our energy centers, and bring us into a brainwave state that is conducive to deep meditation and connection with our intuition.

What to have:
Comfortable space to lay down
Any props that make your meditation experience more comfortable
Optional: journal, favorite crystal, eye pillow, tea or cacao … anything that help make you feel cozy and supported

Nazli Takesh

yoga & mindfulness mentor

Nazli grew up in a home that encouraged active living and healthy eating. Yoga found its place in her life in college, and began to work its wonders! After completing an initial 200 hour training,

Nazli went on to complete over 800 hours of training in: Advanced Yoga Teaching, Yin Yoga, Reiki, and Nutrition Consulting. Along with teaching yoga classes, her passions lie in sharing breathwork and sound healing. The world of meditation has changed her life, and she has chosen to dedicate her life to sharing these tools and making them accessible for all.  Aside from her involvement in the yoga world, you can usually find her hiking up mountains, swimming and surfing in oceans, and cooking up plant based foods!

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