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The truth about shadow work

with Danielle Samason

Join Sierra & Stuck Relationship expert Danielle for a conversation on shadow work – what it looks like, how to practice, and how to maintain compassion throughout the process!

Danielle explains what a daily shadow work practice really looks like, taking the first step & maintaining compassion for yourself along the journey.

Danielle Smason

stuck relationship expert

I’m a wife, mama, dog mom. I love to exercise and meditate. I used to be a person to wait for all those big moments and now I’m a person that just loves to be in the present moment. I’m a free spirit who loves to experience all life has to offer. I’m a deep old soul who loves true authentic connection. My purpose and mission is to guide women on their path to healing through their stuck relationships with their significant others, parents, siblings and children. I was given a gift to rid women of their tragic events (rape, molestation, domestic violence, abuse, etc.) and step fully into their story and fully understand it in a way they never have before. The women who feel so misunderstood, passionate, sensitive souls who have tried everything and feel like there is nothing out there to work through their pain. it’s not that there is anything wrong with them it’s they are a feeler and need to feel through the sensations.
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