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Understanding Pain, Illness & How to Self-Heal

with Audrey Simper

Do you need to heal yourself with something outside of yourself? Or can you heal from going within? This educational workshop is about the fundamentals of self-healing. This video breaks down how the human body develops the symptoms of illness & physical pain as a result of suppressed emotions that have gone unresolved.

This includes the psychosomatic aspects to injuries & bad posture. In the video you will learn how to begin to access your subconscious mind in order to integrate your health. You will learn how your mind makes negative associations during moments of stress that keep unwanted patterns in place. You will learn how to get to the root cause of your physical, mental, or emotional problem through a series of questions at the end.

Audrey Simper

Holistic Health Coach

Audrey is a Holistic Health Coach, A Life Coach and Metaphysical Anatomy lvl 2 Practitioner. She’s passionate about helping people who feel powerless to their physical/mental/emotional health move away from pain and achieve freedom in life!

She herself struggled with anxiety & chronic pain. In a desperate search for relief and understanding it seemed as if no one had any answers. She began to open her mind to alternative healing therapies. This understanding that the body is talking to you and it’s language is pain changed her life.

The basis of her work is to help you understand yourself. By understanding your unconscious mind and your body and how they work together, you are able to see where the blocks are. Together we can work on removing them so that you can remember what it feels like to step into your power and live in alignment with your body.


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