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Why You Struggle with Routines & How to Overcome It

with Sierra Vandervort 

Maybe it’s counter-intuitive since I’m a yoga and mindfulness teacher, but I’m absolute sh*t at keeping strict routines.  When I was younger, I couldn’t even get myself to brush my teeth regularly ~ super gross ~ But the idea of doing the same thing every day never appealed to me. This probably explains why I ended up with the digital nomad life, living out of a converted van for a while.

From time to time I’d get a burst of inspiration and vow to uphold my newfound “life-hacking routine.”  But then I’d always get frustrated and drop it, more than likely full pendulum swinging in the other direction when I did. Anyone else??

They say consistency is the key, but I think especially for intuitive and creative women, consistency is a killer. Consistency implies grueling forward even when your physical and emotional body are telling you they want something different.

But there’s a better way to do routines You’re probably just making this one, crucial mistake.

Lacking motivation? Can’t seem to keep a steady routine that makes you feel good?  

In this session, we’ll explore why you can’t keep up your self-care routine.

I’ll show you how to make wellness routines fun, fluid, and turn them into something you actually enjoy doing!

Why you Struggle with Routines & how to overcome it

Sierra Vandervort

Yoga + Wellness Teacher

I teach connection. Connection to the body, to nature and to that universal love that holds us all together!

In my yoga teaching, we connect the body and the breath as a form of emotional and spiritual self-care. Through this connection, we embody compassion, joy and strength for ourselves & others.

In my astrology and seasonal connection teachings, we tune in to the energies of nature to inspire harmony & optimal growth in our daily lives!


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