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Womb Work for Manifestation with Nikki Colmone

Womb Work for Manifestation: with Nikki Colmone 

Join Sierra and this month’s guest expert Embodiment Guide, Nikki Colmone.

Join us Thursday, March 10th at 4 pm PST for our monthly guest masterclass. Nikki (aka the Womb Witch) will teach us all about the magic of the womb and how we can use it to manifest & heal. 

A recording will be available afterward, but try to make it to the live if you can so you can ask Nikki all your juicy questions 🌸 see ya there! xx S

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Nikki Colmone

CEO of The Dark Goddess Collective

Nikki Colmone is the Head Shadow Seeker for CYLA and the CEO of The Dark Goddess Collective, where she does Shadow Work, Past Life Healing, Entity Removal, and has recently created the Womb Alchemy Academy. She gained a fascination with Shadow work after studying Neuroscience and Brain Development in College and writing her book, The Nature Mindfuck.

After years of study & healing herself through sexual, physical, emotional, and religious abuse, Nikki now specializes in Womb Healing through her program, Womb Alchemy Academy. Womb Alchemy Academy’s mission is to help all womxn, and those who identify as such, heal from their sexual trauma, develop massive love for their body and heal their body image, restore their inner child, and finally find sensual peace.

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