Women in Leadership Panel Discussion

hosted by Sierra Vandervort 

Our main event from the Women in Leadership Festival features a panel of five women in leadership from across the globe.

Sierra is the founder of The Local Mystic, a virtual wellness & spiritual community.

Rachael is an energetic coach and the host of The Embodied Leadership Podcast.

Mallory is an Energy Guide and Intuitive Business Coach.

Brytta is a full-time traveler and yoga studio manager.

Carolyn is a freelance writer & founder of The SiP, a platform supporting the sober curious lifestyle.

Hosted by Sierra, this panel will explore what it means to be a successful leader, how to take care of yourself while building a business, and how to feel more confident in your everyday life. This is a LIVE event, with time for an open Q&A at the end, so come ready to take notes and get all your questions answered!

Meet your Panelists

Mallory Meyer

Spiritual Mentor & Intuitive Coach

Mallory is an Energy Guide (certified Reiki Master) and Intuitive Business Coach, dedicated to helping her clients re-activate their intuition, master their energy and mindset, to live a vibrant, aligned, and abundant life. As a certified Life and Success Coach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, and Hypnotherapist, she weaves the connection of spirituality into business strategy. Providing the opportunity to discover the magic with both, and how it offers ease and grace in your executions, as an entrepreneur.
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Brytta Byers

World Traveling Yoga Teacher

Hey there traveling yogi! My name is Brytta.

I am a world traveling yoga instructor and I coach yoga teachers how to travel the world + teach yoga!

My mission is to impact the world by teaching my students that the world and their dreams are an endless potential full of manifestations, community creation, union, and light. And with the light that I help them create within themselves is how WE as a community will impact the world together!

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Rachael Fisher

Energetic Leadership Coach

As an expert at guiding entrepreneur’s to step into higher levels of leadership through subconscious healing, embodiment practices, energetic mastery, mindset + emotional alchemy, deeply connect to their intuitive gifts, & to feeling wildly worthy, I know how important it is to you to feel LIT up & safe in the beautiful business you’ve built.

Your business is a sacred vessel to help raise the vibration of the planet.

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Carolyn Heneghan

Freelancer & Founder of the SiP

When I’m not eating or cooking, I write about food (watch out for my seafood gumbo or red beans and rice–you’ll never look back). When I’m not traveling myself (or often when I am), I write about traveling. When I’m not using or being utterly amazed by today’s and tomorrow’s technology, I write about tech. When I’m not working directly with businesses to help them achieve their goals, I write about business. It’s how I choose to live. And I have to tell you, I’m loving life and plan on loving it this way long into the future.

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