Women in Leadership : Sarah Leverett on Hypnotherapy & Empowerment

Sierra Vandervort // August 3rd, 2021

Women in leadership are here to change the world.

At The Local Mystic, we prioritize the celebration & support of women. We KNOW that we’re stronger together and that we’re here to learn and grow together. Our Women in Leadership series is a collection of interviews with women who are leaders in their field. These are women who share their divine truth through creativity, leadership & perseverance. Today, I’m sharing my interview with Sarah Leverett. 

Sarah is a certified hypnotherapist, intuitive coach, oracle reader, writer, and podcast host. Through her brand Intuitive Empowerment, her mission is to remind others of their power by claiming and living my own intuitive gifts.

We talk about hypnotherapy, living in your power, and how to take care of yourself during day-to-day stress.

Women in Leadership

Sarah Leverett || Hypnotherapist & Intuitive Coach

Sarah leverett - Women in Leadership

How did you first come to your journey with intuitive & magical practices?

I’ve always been interested in the Spirit world.

I came from a very religious upbringing, but I was also exploring all things supernatural and other-worldly. It wasn’t until I lost a partner and suffered intense grief in my early 20’s that I came into my own power and started shifting this interest into a sacred practice. At first, I was studying gratitude and yoga. This work led to oracle and tarot, shadow work, counseling, etc. Then, eventually, hypnotherapy. My background is in education, so coaching and teaching come naturally in my intuitive work. Now, I study any and all things metaphysical. I’m currently looking to expand my mediumship skills as well as knowledge of Human Design. 

For someone who may be completely unfamiliar, what is hypnotherapy? And how is it different from guided meditations?

Hypnosis occurs when you allow your mind to shift from swirling thoughts of your physical surroundings and relentless mental chatter into a state of relaxation.

Similar to meditation, you become the observer of your thoughts instead of identifying with them. Once in deep relaxation or trance, your subconscious mind becomes more open to the power of healing suggestions through the use of your imagination. This hypnotic trance paired with healing suggestions is where hypnosis is a bit different from guided meditation.

Hypnotherapy has a multitude of benefits including relaxation, stress relief, letting go of unwanted habits or patterns, getting better sleep, facing fears, building confidence and self-worth, uncovering subconscious blocks, and etc. Basically, if you have a problem, hypnotherapy can assist you in finding a solution.

In addition to all of these amazing benefits of this healing modality, hypnosis can also be used as a tool to connect with the spirit world including the Higher Self.

You say your purpose in Intuitive Empowerment is to remind others of their power. In your opinion – what does it look like to live in your power?

First and foremost, it looks like giving yourself a ton of grace. We spend a lot of time in the spiritual community reaching “higher”, striving to “do better”, etc. when in reality we are in our power when we are simply being instead of doing.

It looks like deeply feeling your feelings and expressing them authentically no matter if we’ve been socialized to believe they are “positive” or “negative”.

It looks like getting curious and spending most of your time on things that bring you true joy and wonder. It looks like trusting your intuition and allowing it to lead the way. 

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What advice would you give to the woman who’s struggling to take care of herself amongst all the day-to-day stress?

Two things –

1) A little bit goes a long way

2) Start with what you are already doing each day. I am willing to bet that your intuition has already led you to day-to-day routines that are great places to incorporate self-care. If you feel more relaxed when you take a shower, walk your dog, cook dinner, etc. that is a good sign that your intuition has led you to a self-care tool that you can lean into.

Once you’ve identified your intuitive self-care activities, the trick is to get intentional about them. Intentionality is the key to unlock the benefits of practicing self-care; it’s what develops the self-love we yearn for.

Bring purpose into your routine by becoming aware of yourself and your surroundings as you do them – even if it’s just 3-5 minutes a day. The energy, ease, and joy that you are looking for will begin to flow effortlessly because you will realize that you had it within you all along.

What three ritual / self-care products are you currently loving?

My favorite oracle deck – Begin by Stacy at A Little Magic Shop

My favorite podcast – Past Lives & the Divine by Jina Seavall

Currently reading – My Grandmother’s Hands: Racialized Trauma and the Pathway to Mending Our Hearts and Bodies by Resmaa Menakem


How can The Local Mystic community be of service to you today?

Mostly, I hope that The Local Mystic community has been reminded of their own power. The more of us that start leaning into our intuition, the more we all heal collectively. I also love welcoming in new energy and inviting in new opportunities, so here are a few ways we could interact:

    • simply send uplifting thoughts, prayers, and well wishes my way
    • share any of my content that resonates with you + tag me on Instagram
    • book an oracle reading, hypnosis session, or coaching package through my website
    • reach out to me about collaborating or trading time, resources, services, etc.
    • send questions or feedback my way – it helps out more than you know!

Here’s how we can connect:

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