Year of Impact

A heart-centered immersion to help you achieve your goals while working less & enjoying life more – in just two days!

Are you ready to make this the year when you truly make an impact?


The year when you get MORE done in LESS time and with LESS stress. The year when you achieve some of your “wildest dreams” that you never thought was possible.

Of course you are!

Because you’re driven.

You know that despite all the challenges you’ve faced this year, there’s still hope and creative potential in life!

Because you know that everyone has the ability to achieve their wildest dreams ~ yes even you! ~ Sometimes we just get lost in the application.

This is your opportunity to make this year different.

Discover the step-by-step process to make your goals manageable & fun – not just another intimidating to-do to check off the list (or let’s be honest, forget about entirely.)

Let’s flash-forward to December 2021…


You look back over the year astonished, humbled and grateful by all the amazing things you’ve been able to create for yourself & for your loved ones!

Instead of feeling exhausted, strung out and in need of a good veg-session, you feel more energized than ever before.

You have more time for restoration and relaxation – without feeling guilty about all the work you still have to do.

You have clarity and alignment within your goals, your business and in your personal development, because you’ve gone through a proven process to help you stand in the full power of your capabilities.

This is the start of something epic!

Let me teach you a framework that you can apply again and again…

You’re here reading this…


Which means you have a desire to shift something big in your life. You might feel like you’re shedding old skin in a sense, and you’re ready to step into a feeling of full embodiment and personal power.

You’re ready to catapult your growth and finally see the success you’ve been waiting a long time for!

Mama I got you.


Year of Impact

a two-day, soul-centered immersion to make this the year you feel confident & capable within your goals

This is a step-by-step framework that will teach you how to create a fulfilled, exciting and purposeful life.

The first offering of its kind…


Year of Impact is a comprehensive experience that teaches you how to make 2021 the year where you truly make an impact.

My unique blend of goal-mapping, and soul-centered teachings *with just a dash of witchy goodness ;-)* is the perfect, holistic combination that will have you feel overjoyed instead of overwhelmed.

After these two days, you can relax and feel confident going into the new year now that you have your whole year mapped out for YOUR optimal growth and happiness.

After our work together, you’ll leave with…



a fully-flushed out picture of how to achieve your goals in 2021


a feeling of excitement & inspiration for the future (2021 can be your year!)


the ability to relax and feel confident going into the new year


more time to spend relaxing, unplugging and unwinding (now that you know exactly what steps to take towards your goals without having to guess)


A sense of capability and confidence - you can have those “wildest dreams” of yours!

Here’s how it’s gonna go down…


I’m going to teach you my step-by-step framework for outlining your goals, breaking them down, and planning them out in a way that doesn’t feel intimidating & overwhelming.

Then, we’ll tap in to the intuitive energetics of nature and of the body to help us supercharge our goals.

And the best part – you’re not alone. You’ll have my guidance, and the support of our group to help guide you every step of the way.

Here’s all the magic you’ll unlock:

2 days of action taking & growth

Meditations, masterclasses & daily soul-work assignments

Daily, vegan meal plan with full recipes

feed your soul from the inside out!

The support of a like-minded community

find support, inspiration and accountability



Pay in full:



Payment plan:

$55 / month (four payments)


What’s included…


Morning guided meditations to set yourself up for a day of ease, openness and flow

✨ Daily live masterclasses to teach you my specific strategies and proven steps to goal-setting success

✨ Lesson workbooks, daily challenges and “soulwork” assignments to implement your learning – you’re here to take action!

✨ Daily, vegan meal plan complete with detailed recipes & grocery lists, so you can feed your soul from the inside out!

✨ Daily intuitive card readings for further insight into your growth

✨ An incredible community of like-minded creators for support, inspiration and accountability

✨ Bonus: Clarify Your Calling 5-day meditation challenge, $25 value

✨ Bonus: Setting Your Sankalpa Yoga Masterclass $97 value


Total Value: $647


Get real results in two days – this ain’t just smoke & mirrors!

You’re protected with my 100% risk-free money back guarantee.

This program has the power to profoundly change your life. And that’s not just hype. I’m confident that if you do the work, you’ll get tremendous value. I back that up with my risk-free money back guarantee.

I personally cannot wait to lead you on this journey….

Hey modern mystic!

I’m Sierra, yoga teacher, mindset mentor, and world-traveling entrepreneur!

As the founder of a uniquely impactful community for magic makers & manifestors, I’ve created the life of my dreams in just one year! I used to grind away at service-industry jobs, teaching yoga on the side and dreaming of the day I could achieve more.

Nowadays, I run my own business from all over the world. I live in a completely renovated van with my partner & our dogs – traveling to the most beautiful places in the world whenever we please.

I want this kind of freedom for you too! I promise I’m not a special case. You were made for more.

Let’s do this together,
Xx Sierra, CEO and magic maker

If you’ve read this far, you owe this to yourself…

Answers these questions honestly:

what if just one idea in Year of Impact:
Helps you finally find the motivation to make the changes you’ve been yearning for?
what if just one strategy in Year of Impact:
Helps you restructure the way you see goal-setting forever, & suddenly achieving everything you’ve ever desired is easy?
what if just one technique in Year of Impact:
Helps you free up 4 – 7 more hours a week? Hours where you know all your work is done – and you can be fully present for your life. What impact will that have on your relationships, your business and your joy?

Questions you may have:

How long will we have access to it?
Forever! You’ll be able to return to Year or Impact time after time, whenever you need it. 
I’m already really into goal-setting, will I still find any value in this?
Yes! I promise I have tricks and tips that you’ve never used before. Plus – the support of the community and your investment keeps you committed to yourself – so you’ll have much greater breakthroughs than if you tried to do it all on your own!
I’ve never really been a “goals” person - is this still for me?
Yes! I’ll walk you through it all – and I promise my holistic and heart-centered approach to setting goals will be much more accessible and less overwhelming than your traditional goal-setting system.
How will we access the content?
You’ll be sent the Zoom links on the night before our live. Additionally, the lives will always be broadcast in the Facebook group, and sent directly to your inbox afterwards!

Don’t waste another minute feeling overwhelmed & unclear

Join our powerful community today!