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I teach all levels yoga classes throughout the greater New Orleans area. I want to make you feel strong and confident in your asana practice! Each of my classes centers around embodied movement with the breath, muscular integrity and organic expression. If you’re new to yoga or are interested in what style might be right for you, feel free to reach out to me on social media or through the contact page. 🙂


Yoga Styles:

Moving intentionally and with the breath. We break down traditional movements like the Sun Salutations and other popular asanas to inspire stillness and grace within the body.Expect to build strength and endurance. In Sanskrit Vinyasa means “To place in a special way.” You sync your breath with your movement, as you honor your mind, body and spirit. You’ll leave feeling energized, calm and balanced!


Restorative / Soothing Flow: 
Building awareness of the breath, the body, and how they connect, a slow, easy pace makes it easy to focus on alignment and detail. Relax and renew with this lovely class that uses  props to help you hold relaxing poses for longer periods of time. Allow your body to melt a little deeper into the mellow side of each posture using the props to assist you on your journey. This class is gentle and for all levels.

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If you’re new to yoga, getting back into your practice, or craving a more detailed exploration of yoga, Balance Basics is the perfect class for you. This class focus on the fundamentals—how to do key postures, correct breathing, and how to use props for a pleasant yoga experience. Balance Basics provide a warm, safe and supportive environment for new and more experienced students to learn together. Building on a foundation of safe alignment, you’ll develop the strength, stamina and flexibility that will guide you along your path—whether that’s more vigorous classes, align & flow, or quiet and contemplative styles.


Yoga Retreats:
I work with a group of wonderful women to bring you a week of peace, yoga, adventure in Costa Rica. The Forward We Grow retreat experience is unlike anything you’ll ever experience. Come share it with us! Daily yoga, healthy meals and jungle excursions. We want to foster confidence, clarity and empowerment through treating your body with love and your soul with adventure. More info here!