Embodying the Crone to Strengthen Intuition & Releasing Doubt

Sierra Vandervort // September 8, 2021

The crone is the old wise woman.

She is the fully-realized divine feminine. She is everything she dreams to be, and nothing less. When it comes to energetic cycles, the energy of the crone is irreplaceable.

My dear friend Jennifer Roy has dedicated her work to helping women realize the cycle archetypes within themselves. When a woman is in touch with her inner divine feminine, she is confident and capable. She knows who she is and she honors what brings her joy.

Jennifer and I sat down together for an enlightening discussion on energetics and the cycle archetypes, and that’s what I’m sharing with you today.

Jennifer will give a brief overview of each of the archetypes, and then we’ll dive deep into the medicine of the Crone.

As the old wise woman, the crone is here to teach us how we can harness ancient wisdom to strengthen our intuition & release doubt. She is the final, fully realized version of woman within the four-cycle archetypes. The four archetypes are as follows:

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Maiden: This is the feminine in her follicular phase. It’s a state of purpose and unlimited potential. This energy wants you to embody and prioritize joy.

Mother: This is the feminine in her ovulation. It’s a state of receiving and nourishment. This energy wants you to overcome self-sacrifice and the guilt often associated with self-care or rest.

Wild Woman: This is the feminine in her luteal phase. This is the state of full ownership of your being. She honors primal instincts and your inner, divine truth. This energy empowers you to release the “shoulds” of the world and instead move from your own heart and your own truth.

Crone: This is the feminine during her bleed. The crone empowers you to release social condition that does not serve you and truly honor YOU. This is the energy of stillness, spirit, and envisioning our higher power.

After outlining the four different cycle archetypes, we go deep into the energy medicine of the crone. Jennifer and I discuss why this medicine is so powerful in our modern, digitally-wired world, and how to embody this powerful, spiritual energy.

We also cover the balance of masculine and feminine energies, and Jennifer shares a powerful mantra for crone energy – 

“It is safe for me to relax.”

And perhaps my favorite part – Jennifer shares the most important practice you can utilize to help tap into your intuition and honor your inner crone. This practice is amazing for those who may find it difficult to rest. So I highly encourage you to give it a try!

Even if this information is brand new to you, you probably already know more than you think. The wonderful thing about these energy cycles is that they’re innate within our bodies, within the seasons, and within the universe around us. Odds are, you already know more than you think you do. 

Sierra Vandervort

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